Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our 3 newest "Prospective Elders"

Now that we are the only Senior Couple for Chuuk, we will be helping all the new candidates for missionary service from our areas/islands .  These young men:  Maxon Waines, Swendson Sowas and Madson Waines, are on their way back to the hospital for their Physicals (Friday a.m.).  Wednesday was blood work, x-rays, and a visit with the Korean dentist.  Thursday was some teeth removal at said dentist.  They have one way of treating teeth--removal.  (So grateful that Elder Crisp had his tooth act up just as we were getting to Guam last week, and was able to get a root canal!)  They have more similar visits to said "Dentist".  We were able to get certified birth certificates for each of them with only their names and birthdays and a little cash (slightly different than USA).  They are nice young men and will be greatly blessed if they fulfill missionary service.  Their lives will be changed forever, for the better.  The twins belong to District President Waines.  Next week, a young man from Wichap will be starting his medical proceedures.  This is rewarding work for the Crisp's.  To know how the lives of the youth will be forever changed by learning the gospel and learning to serve, is reward enough for us!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Educational Missionary Experiences

Part of our missionary calling on Chuuk is to use the educational experiences of Elder Crisp and assist the Department of Education and some local schools to improve the education on Chuuk.  In conjunction with that, we have been working with Chuuk High School and a group of individuals who have come to teach this year.  This group is a volunteer group known as World Teach.  This group has a few experienced teachers and some individuals who are just out of college.  It is a varied group, but very willing to come to Chuuk and work with these students.  In the top photo, Elder Crisp is instructing on some essentials that teachers need to do on the first day and during the first week of school.  It is a good group of people and they have some good questions about teaching and some concerns as well.  After presenting to the group on two different occasions we feel that they will do well and enjoy this experience.  Elder Crisp will be available during the school year and consult and work with teachers at this and other schools. 
This is the World Teach group at Chuuk High School for the 2013-2014 school year!!!  Missionary work takes on all kinds opportunities.  This is a good one!!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Senior Couples Conference July 2013 GUAM!!

Twice each year the Senior Missionaries from throughout the Mission have a conference on Guam.  This is the group that was present in July 2013.  Several of these couples will be gone the next time the seniors gather so this is a great picture for us, as we can remember those we got to know for a short time and those that will be with us for some time to come.

We met at the Barrigada Chapel in the cultural hall.  Seated around several tables, with the podium in the front we participated in trainings for the upcoming Seminary and Institute year, as well as getting some inspirational thoughts and messages from President and Sister Mecham.  This is really a great group of missionaries and combined with the Elders and Sisters on the islands, the mission is outstanding.
Just about everyone in the group gave part of the instruction on teaching topics and spiritual messages, and how to combine them for our students.  Here Elder Crisp is giving a presentation on keeping students active in their learning and how to ensure good classroom discussions with lots of participation (yes, even on the islands where the students can be rather shy).  The presentations were very good and will help in making our classes more effective and enriching for our youth.
These next two pictures show that we can have some fun as well.  This activity is a "Win it in a Minute" exercise.  The objective is to move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands.  It was quite fun and some got it quickly, while others struggled a little bit.  It was a nice break and lots of fun.  This one can be used in Seminary and Institute and besides, who doesn't like a cookie every now and then, even if you have to work for it a bit.
 This is the old "cookie in the eye" working its way to the mouth technique!!
"Oh ye heavily laden..."  When you get to go to Guam from the islands there are things you need to get to help you through the next 6 months, so you stock up!  We picked up some tings we would need along with some missionary clothing for some of islanders who will be leaving soon for their missions and for others that are not far behind. So the bags are at the weight limit and the carry-ons are even heavier, but we made it back unscathed!!
Since the bags were stuffed to the brim and there were a few things left to pack, Sister Crisp pulled an old Chuukese method of getting everything home by wearing two sets of clothes.  It still turned out OK, as she looks just fine even with the extra layer.   We enjoyed our visit to Guam, but were anxious to return to Chuuk so we could get started on preparing everything for the new Seminary and Institute year.  There is lots to do, but we are getting right on it!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zone Conference Companionships

Here are the companionships of Elders as they were at our Zone Conference on July 11, 2013:  Starting at the top: Elders
Johnson and Sofele Zone Leaders on Weno, Vanisi and Lavitas on Pata,  Walters and Mackie in Nantaku on Weno.
Plocher and Daniels on Uman, Pita and Selander on Tonoas,  Vehikite and Obray on Romanom.
The Senior Couple, the Crisps on Weno,  Schroath and Rainey on Udot (currently in Mechitiw on Weno), McEwan and Fermanis in Mechitiw on Weno.
Hunter and Huppe in Wichap on Weno, Bowers and Toa in Sapuk on Weno, Peck and Kleven in Neauo on Weno

Friday, July 12, 2013

Chuukese Skirts and most important: Zone Conference with President Mecham and Sister Mecham

Ah, yes, the local economy produces a number of these lovely skirts.  Made locally on various islands they are now being sold worldwide.  Who knows, you might see them in a store near you very soon.  This is high fashion for everyday wear.  Sundays is MuuMuu day with sparklies and extra trim.  Quite nice for church on a warm day!!
This past week we had a Zone Conference.  We gathered in the Mwan cultural hall, all 22 Elders, we, the senior couple, and President and Sister Mecham. Here we are prepared for the opening session of the conference. 
Here President Mecham addresses the group about being the missionaries we should be, studying, preparing, and living the mission rules. He also taught us about Opening Our Mouths when it comes to sharing the gospel.  You just don't know when a conversation will lead to someone embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He also discussed 'PAUSE" and had a couple of companionships try it out on Elder and Sister Crisp.  It is very effective and the missionaries know all about it and how to use it.  Then the companionships broke into groups and did some more teaching of one another.  In the later session, after a Chuukese dinner and some interviews, he spoke of false doctrines and pointed out several scriptures in the New Testament that show that The Father and the Son are separate and distinct individuals with one purpose: the salvation of mankind.  Very uplifting and inspiring.
Sister Mecham also addressed the group!  She spoke of Naman, the head of the Syrian Kings Guard, and his lack of willingness to do as instructed by the Prophet in order to be cured of Leprosy.   He was willing to do a great task, but saw little in the bathing in the Jordan river 7 times.  Eventually his faith won out and he did as instructed.  When cured he wanted to pay the Prophet, but of course it was not accepted and pointed out that it was the Lord who cured him, through his obedience.  She also spoke of setting forth the example we should be as Missionaries and representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ.  A Mission is not a game, it is serious business, it is the Lords erand that we have undertaken!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Oceanic Baptism Day

Today was baptism day for the Sister-in-Law of President Waines.  Elders Peck and Kleven from Neauo are shown here with our newest member of the church just prior to the baptism.  The event took place at President Waines "little beach" .  It is a beautiful area connected to his home. 
Elder Peck performed the ordinance and Elder Kleven and Brandy Henry acted as the witnesses.  You have to wade out into the ocean just a bit to get to an area that is deep enough to work properly.  The baptism took place just before the sun began to set and the backdrop is of Fefin Island and the diving ship from the Blue Lagoon Resort.

Monday, July 1, 2013

In from the Islands, shopping, and P-day

All of the Elders came in from the islands and different areas of Weno for first of the month shopping and P-day.  Here, Elders Hunter, Mackie, Plocher, and Johnson are working on email, relaxing from playing basketball after a rousing adventure shopping for the months groceries.  This is quite the experience as you make multiple stops.  Not unlike shopping in the USA, but the roads make it take a bit longer. First you go three miles to the ATM, await all Elders to get their funds for the month, then head to a number of stores on the way back to the chapel in Mwan.  There are always special things you get at specific stores and with 22 Elders, it can take a bit of time.  The companionship's get all stocked up and they are ready for another great month of sharing the Gospel.
Elders Fermanis, Vanisi, Lavites, Selander, and Toa as they write or wait for the computer to send emails home and to friends via  There are a limited number of computers, so this can take a while.  Those not emailing are out playing basketball or just relaxing a bit!  We had a goal of 12 baptisms set for us by the mission for June, but we had 12 on one Saturday.  These guys do an awesome job and also help some of the Chuukese boys prepare for missionary work as well.  As a result of our youth conference we had 11 young men ask for missionary packets!  The example of our missionaries is a great inspiration to these young men!