Monday, June 3, 2013

The Chuuk Zone

Here are the Elders of the Chuuk Zone!  There are 20 total with more to come!!  There are currently 2 Senior Couples, but that will dwindle to one in less than a month.  These Elders are the very best!  They have the best attitude and the best work ethics you can find anywhere in the worlds mission fields.  The goal for the month of June, as established by the Mission, is 12 Baptisms.  As our Elders discussed this, they felt that they could and would do better than the 12.  So, 12 is the baseline, but we really want 33.   If anyone can do this, this group of young men can!!!!  Our zone leaders are great and they brought back with them a real spirit of "get it doneness"!!!  We love these young men and they are a joy to work with. So, we ask you, parents, friends, all who read this blog,  to unite with us in prayer so that we can have our Father in Heavens blessings as we go to work on our chosen goal!!


  1. It sounds like the work is going forward. It's good to hear how things are going. I have two of my grand kids here helping in the garden. I am praying for rain--it has always come in the past, when no one else planted a garden. Things are sure dry. I'm planting in big pots.
    Lots of Love

  2. sister Crisp, Thank you so much for your post! Your zone is in our hearts and our prayers EVERYDAY!!! Elder Peck's 4year old twin siblings send"kisses to Chuuk" every night! thank you so much for your service to our amazing young elders! We appreciate all that you do for them!!

    We love your blog and would love to see MORE pictures! :)

    Much love and blessings to you1

    -Sister Peck