Thursday, June 13, 2013

Some Happenings on Weno

 Here is a good look at the boats that we use for our "three hour tours" to the islands.  There isn't a real difference by size, well OK , yes there is, but it is still a rough and tumble ride, regardless of the boat you take.  We have great drivers and it is a bit of fun, but always a real adventure.
 Here are Elder and Sister Crisp after they spoke at the Chuuk Women's Center about the benefits of having a good education and how the community (mothers in particular) can be a support for good in the schools.  We were well received and were presented with the Lei's. 
And you thought we didn't have any "fast food" in Chuuk.  Well here is our local "McDonald's", it is called J Square and it serves fast food.  The best option is their spaghetti, as it is a good portion, only $2.00, and very tasty.  All foods are best if purchased before noon.  If later, you take it home and nuke it!  It is good stuff.  They do have a good  chicken and rice, but won't make it daily.  They do have hot dogs, but they are nothing  like Costco!!!  All in all, it is a good place for a quick and inexpensive meal.  Yes, that is Sister Crisp making a purchase.  Also notice the drive-in feature!!

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  1. EEK! Dad's nose looks super burned! You guys look very happy though. I'm glad you are able to do so much good for the people.