Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fun and Games at the Youth Conference

Here we have the "Human Pyramid".  Each team had to create a pyramid and keep holding for 10 seconds.  The tallest pyramid would be the victor!  Elder Obray is in the back watching.  Each set of Elders were assisting teams in getting things right!  They had provided the example of how it was to be done. 
 Elder Crisp and District President Waines were attached to the "Grey Team".  Here they assist the team to victory in the Tug of War.  Elder Eakins stands to the side and shouts encouragement to the participants.  The photo below shows one of the favorites of the entire conference; "Blind Folded Ice Cream Feeding".  They didn't care if they got messy, they just wanted the Ice Cream.  Yes, it was a mess, but they enjoyed every minutes of it!  You gotta love Ice Cream in a Sno-Cone cup!

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