Saturday, June 8, 2013

Exploring the possibilities on Udot

When we take the boat trips, the theme from Gilligan;s Island always pops into my head.  The trip to Udot was a bit more than a 3 hour tour, but what a fantastic voyage we had.  This is the group on the "Big Boat" as we headed to Udot.  In front is our District President Tarsi Waines, then our S and I director from Guam Bishop Narcissio, then the Eakins on the left and the Crisp's on the right, our interpreter EmyLynn with her back to the crowd and our "Skipper" Esemet.  Along for the ride were our Zone Leaders, Elders Sofele and Johnson.  We arrived on the island and split into two groups.  Elder and Sister Crisp went with Elder Sofele and two boat helpers, Roger and Herson, all others went with Elder Johnson.  Our group taught two lessons and gave away a number of pamphlets and 3 Books of Mormon.  We met with several others and got some good directions to finding members on the island.  After 3 hours of "tracting" we came back to the boat and visited a house that could be used for meetings and a place for full time missionaries to occupy.  We shall see.  We were treated to fresh coconut milk, apples, and bananas.  It was a very friendly place.  Did it rain?  Yes it did, but there were some huge trees to stand under and nary a drop touched us!!
Here we all are ready to get back on board and head to Wedo.  Front row: Elder Sofele, Kition Emor, Herson Walter, Sister Eakins, Emylynn Walter, Bishop Narcissio, and an unknown Udot resident (they love to be in the pictures).  Back row:  Esemet (the skipper), Elder Johnson, Elder Eakins, Elder Crisp, Sister Crisp, and President Waines.

It was a great trip, very worthwhile for all of us.  The people are easy to love and very receptive to the missionaries and the message of the gospel that they bring. 

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  1. It only took a little over three hours to get to the Utah Department of Transportation? Impressive!