Sunday, June 9, 2013

AP's come for a visit on P-Day

June 10th, a Monday!  This is P-Day today and the Elders had a Basketball Tournament!  It is my understanding that Elders Hunter, Selander, and Obray were the overall champions.  The Assistants to the President will be on the Island all week, so there will be meetings, etc.  However, one cannot forgo a chance to play "hoops"!!
 All of the Elders give chase to Elder Obray who is on a breakaway to the basket. 
These are the Elders from the Chuuk Zone on P-Day.  All have come in from the Islands and the areas on Weno.  This is one very hard working group of Elders, so a good game of Basketball is well earned!!

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  1. This is so fun to see. Thank you for posting pictures of our boys. It does a mother-heart so much good to see that they are in good hands. And yes, Elder Obray does LOVE any chance to play basketball.