Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fun and Games at the Youth Conference

Here we have the "Human Pyramid".  Each team had to create a pyramid and keep holding for 10 seconds.  The tallest pyramid would be the victor!  Elder Obray is in the back watching.  Each set of Elders were assisting teams in getting things right!  They had provided the example of how it was to be done. 
 Elder Crisp and District President Waines were attached to the "Grey Team".  Here they assist the team to victory in the Tug of War.  Elder Eakins stands to the side and shouts encouragement to the participants.  The photo below shows one of the favorites of the entire conference; "Blind Folded Ice Cream Feeding".  They didn't care if they got messy, they just wanted the Ice Cream.  Yes, it was a mess, but they enjoyed every minutes of it!  You gotta love Ice Cream in a Sno-Cone cup!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Youth Conference, 2 New Elders and 5 Generations of Elders!

Here are the youth from Chuuk learning the cultural art of weaving using palm leaves at our Youth Conference held June 20, 21, and 22..  Not only did they learn how to make mats and baskets, but they also made brooms, coconut huskers (a stick with a point on both ends--one into the ground, the other for opening the husk of older coconuts).  These are practices that have been going on for ages here in the islands. 
Here is Sister New Year, our Mwan Branch President' wife, showing the youth how to make the brooms out of natural materials.  She holds the completed broom.  This was really a great activity for the youth, and the Elders got to use the huskers, drink the milk of the coconut and then open them up and eat the meat inside.  Good Stuff!!
This activity was done by the entire group of youth.  They had fun doing this, but there was much excitement when the Elders gathered and played.  The object is to be quick and not lose the use of the hands.  So, in a "karate" style of play, if your hand got swatted, you had to put it behind your back.  Once both were touched, you were out!  This is a game of agility, quickness, and stealth.  If they don't anticipate it coming you've got them and when they have a dispute of whether one got hit or not, they could get swatted by the next player.  Great fun for all!!
These next two photos show just what preparations are made for the all of the food consumed at the Youth Conference.  It was made in big pots at various locations around the Mwan Branch, then brought to the building's kitchen and distributed on plates or in plastic food carriers (like they use around town at the fast food places). Notice the plates full of food.  They enjoyed rice (most every meal), and had various other foods such as: some form of chicken, taro, kimchee, hot dogs, macaroni salad, tapioca, and breadfruit.  The one thing that was totally good and everyone lined up for was the fruit salad with sweetened condensed milk.  Of course, the biggest hit of  any day was Ice Cream--if they got it.  They eat Ice Cream and some sort of bread product whenever they can!!  Not just cake, but 
regular rolls, cinnamon rolls, whatever bread is available.  Actually it is not bad!!!

We got two new Elders yesterday.  Elder Daniels who will be serving with Elder Plocher on Uman and Elder Schroath, who will be going to Udot with Elder Rainey.  The two new missionaries are in the back row  fourth and fifth from the left!! It is always great to greet the new Elders and they are welcomed with open arms by those who are already here!  This is one great group of young men valiantly serving the Lord.
This is five generations of Elders on Chuuk. Starting at the left, our newest Elder, Elder Daniels who is being trained by Elder Plocher, who was trained by Elder Peck, who was trained by Elder Bowers, who was trained by Elder Lavides.  Elders Daniels and Plocher will be on Uman.  Elder Peck will be coming to Neau, Elder Bowers is now in Sapuk, and Elder Lavides is on Pata.  What a magnificent group of young Elders!! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Some Happenings on Weno

 Here is a good look at the boats that we use for our "three hour tours" to the islands.  There isn't a real difference by size, well OK , yes there is, but it is still a rough and tumble ride, regardless of the boat you take.  We have great drivers and it is a bit of fun, but always a real adventure.
 Here are Elder and Sister Crisp after they spoke at the Chuuk Women's Center about the benefits of having a good education and how the community (mothers in particular) can be a support for good in the schools.  We were well received and were presented with the Lei's. 
And you thought we didn't have any "fast food" in Chuuk.  Well here is our local "McDonald's", it is called J Square and it serves fast food.  The best option is their spaghetti, as it is a good portion, only $2.00, and very tasty.  All foods are best if purchased before noon.  If later, you take it home and nuke it!  It is good stuff.  They do have a good  chicken and rice, but won't make it daily.  They do have hot dogs, but they are nothing  like Costco!!!  All in all, it is a good place for a quick and inexpensive meal.  Yes, that is Sister Crisp making a purchase.  Also notice the drive-in feature!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

AP's come for a visit on P-Day

June 10th, a Monday!  This is P-Day today and the Elders had a Basketball Tournament!  It is my understanding that Elders Hunter, Selander, and Obray were the overall champions.  The Assistants to the President will be on the Island all week, so there will be meetings, etc.  However, one cannot forgo a chance to play "hoops"!!
 All of the Elders give chase to Elder Obray who is on a breakaway to the basket. 
These are the Elders from the Chuuk Zone on P-Day.  All have come in from the Islands and the areas on Weno.  This is one very hard working group of Elders, so a good game of Basketball is well earned!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Exploring the possibilities on Udot

When we take the boat trips, the theme from Gilligan;s Island always pops into my head.  The trip to Udot was a bit more than a 3 hour tour, but what a fantastic voyage we had.  This is the group on the "Big Boat" as we headed to Udot.  In front is our District President Tarsi Waines, then our S and I director from Guam Bishop Narcissio, then the Eakins on the left and the Crisp's on the right, our interpreter EmyLynn with her back to the crowd and our "Skipper" Esemet.  Along for the ride were our Zone Leaders, Elders Sofele and Johnson.  We arrived on the island and split into two groups.  Elder and Sister Crisp went with Elder Sofele and two boat helpers, Roger and Herson, all others went with Elder Johnson.  Our group taught two lessons and gave away a number of pamphlets and 3 Books of Mormon.  We met with several others and got some good directions to finding members on the island.  After 3 hours of "tracting" we came back to the boat and visited a house that could be used for meetings and a place for full time missionaries to occupy.  We shall see.  We were treated to fresh coconut milk, apples, and bananas.  It was a very friendly place.  Did it rain?  Yes it did, but there were some huge trees to stand under and nary a drop touched us!!
Here we all are ready to get back on board and head to Wedo.  Front row: Elder Sofele, Kition Emor, Herson Walter, Sister Eakins, Emylynn Walter, Bishop Narcissio, and an unknown Udot resident (they love to be in the pictures).  Back row:  Esemet (the skipper), Elder Johnson, Elder Eakins, Elder Crisp, Sister Crisp, and President Waines.

It was a great trip, very worthwhile for all of us.  The people are easy to love and very receptive to the missionaries and the message of the gospel that they bring. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Chuuk Zone

Here are the Elders of the Chuuk Zone!  There are 20 total with more to come!!  There are currently 2 Senior Couples, but that will dwindle to one in less than a month.  These Elders are the very best!  They have the best attitude and the best work ethics you can find anywhere in the worlds mission fields.  The goal for the month of June, as established by the Mission, is 12 Baptisms.  As our Elders discussed this, they felt that they could and would do better than the 12.  So, 12 is the baseline, but we really want 33.   If anyone can do this, this group of young men can!!!!  Our zone leaders are great and they brought back with them a real spirit of "get it doneness"!!!  We love these young men and they are a joy to work with. So, we ask you, parents, friends, all who read this blog,  to unite with us in prayer so that we can have our Father in Heavens blessings as we go to work on our chosen goal!!