Friday, May 3, 2013

The Chuuk Zone, District Conference

These are the Elders from the Chuuk Zone.  They are on Weno, Uman, Romanum, and Tonoas.  Elder Jones is going home today and this is the gathering to send him off at the airport!  What a great day to spend with these fine young Elders!!This is also our district  conference and Presidents Mecham and Davis came out to meet with the saints.  We had a Priesthood meeting and we were instructed to do the work and bring more souls unto the Savior. 


  1. Elder and Sister Crisp,
    You made it!!! My son is Elder Nick Obray. He is serving in Mechitw and is nearing his 11th month. (he's stopped counting, but I still do.)
    Our family is so excited to find you and see that you have a blog that we can follow. The Tiffany's were so helpful in keeping us updated on our Elders when they themselves cannot and I'm grateful to know we still have connections there. Nick is our oldest child and first missionary and I could not be happier with the experiences that he is having. I LOVE everything about where he is serving. He loves the people, the place and the other missionaries. He is TRULY happy. I hope that you find the same happiness as you serve there. Tell him hello when you see him and thank you again for your updates. I look forward to seeing more. Best Wishes as you serve in Chuuk.

    Love, The Obray's

  2. Elder and Sister Crisp,

    We are glad you made it to Chuuk safe, thanks for sharing your blog with us. We can feel of your love for the people of Chuuk and the other missionaries you serve with.

    James & Danielle Hunter