Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Strippling Warriors on Chuuk

This is a shot of what we have to look at each day.  Beautiful waters, lush greenery, a virtual paradise.  Alas, we are not to go into the waters, yet they are so inviting.  We do some extensive travel on top of it however, as we venture to other islands in Chuuk.
You were probably wondering about the Strippling Warriors comment as the title of the blog.  Well, here are two of our stalwarts, Elders Huppe and Hunter in Wichap.  Yes, we hiked through the jungle to visit members and the Branch President.  We visited with Anson and Pepsi.  Anson is bed ridden and Pepsi asks us to pray for his health.  A lesson was presented about repentance and coming unto Christ for forgiveness of sins.  Elders Huppe and Hunter did the translations and added their own comments.  We read from Mosiah 4:5 about forgiveness, repentance and coming unto Christ.  It was a good visit!  The people love to be visited in their homes and they definitely love the Elders.

Yes, we all go through the jungle.  Here is Sister Crisp hiking the trail in her flip flops (the kids around here call them slippers).  Some of the areas are pretty steep but we make it!  Between the hikes, the heat, and the humidity, one tends to get a little slimmer as time passes on.
The final photo is a picture of the "Great Lakes" that are in front of our apartment.  We drive through Ontario, Superior, Erie, and turn just as we enter Michigan. And you thought Minnesota was the land of lakes.  Our roads have more than the whole state combined. We are having a great experience, and we love the elders.  They are always happy, and ready to do the Lord's work. There are transfers this week, and we sent Elders Bowers, Walters and McEwan to Guam to pick up their new companions.  They will get back on Friday.


  1. Your mission sounds so exciting!

  2. Thanks for sharing your blog with us.
    Love the pictures of the Elders especially Elder Hunter.

  3. The boys want to know what you guys eat over there! :) You'll have to post pictures of that and your living quarters. Love you guys!