Friday, May 3, 2013

Boat Trips and Family History Visits with Olsens

 Here is a photo of our Uman and Tonoas Missionaries!  They are awesome.  Elder Plocker got a box from home and they had a district meeting, then a lunch provided by the senior couples.  Elder Peck did a great job of working with our institute teacher in getting him to go out with the missionaries and they will help him with understanding his lessons.  It took a boat ride to Tonoas to get the one set and then on to Uman.  Earlier in the week we had an opportunity to be a part of the lesson taught to an investigator on the northern part of the island of Weno.  This is such a great experience and you can feel the spirit each time you are with these young men.  We have made visits to Uman, Tonoas, and Romanum.  Each has a unique beauty and the missionaries are doing a great job!  We love these young men and the work they do!
 This is on the island of Romanum, where we and the Olsens were greeted with head wreaths provided by Sister Walter.  This is a beautiful island and the people are so friendly.  If you give a strong "Ran Annim" and wave they will respond heartily.  The three little "Ninjas" were on the top of the island, they are definitely "cuties".  The people live a simple life and are happy.  These Islands were part of the Japanese stronghold in the south pacific.  You can see why we had a hard time finding them here.  The overgrowth is lush and thick, it can hide anything.
We have met so many great Elders here: Obray, McEwen, Jones, Sofele, Peck, Plocker, Johnson, Rainey, Walters, and a few more that I am trying to remember (as my brain is older than all of them combined and remembering can be troublesome at times.  Today we are having a district conference and we intend to get pictures of all of these Elders and post it next time.  The work is strong here and these Elders are the best in the world. 
All is well here and we are happy to be serving the Lord on Chuuk.  It takes a little getting used to, but it really is a great place, with great people.  I have the opportunity to use my educational background to work with the students and schools here along with my responsibilities for seminary and institute.  We have been here a week and we have been busy, busy, busy.  We truly "crash" in the evening.
That's it for now!  We love the work and helping to watch out for these fine young missionaries!


  1. awesome. love the flower hats.

  2. the water. oh my goodness the clear blue water is stunning.

  3. You guys are NERDS! haha I shipped your package today. I had to fill out a customs form. LAME.