Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting ready for a temple trip to Manilla, Philippines

Here Elder Crisp helps Mwan Branch president, Riaton Newyear get his names for the upcoming temple trip to Manilla.  This is a great trip for the members as they prepare, gather names, and go to the temple for themselves and for their kindred dead.  The trip lasts a week and the entire family gets to make the trip.  Children will be sealed to their parents and the work for their ancestors will be completed.
 This is how the locals prepare Breadfruit for sale at the market.  It is peeled, boiled, and then smashed.   Then they take it and wrap it in coconut leaves.  They look like little boxes in the stores and in the local fruit and vegetable stands.  The mallet is made from coral and the base he pounds it on is a hard wood.  This was taken in the Wichap area, up in the jungle. 
Here are two of our Elders: Rainey and Kleven.  We gave them a few bananas for a snack.  The bananas are rather small, but very flavorful.  It takes about 3 to make up a good sized banana like the ones we see in the states.  They have a variety of bananas here, but some are just for cooking, not peeling and eating.  These Elders work hard and teach often.  The people are receptive to the gospel and it is not difficult for them to gain a testimony of the Savior.  Our Elders learn the language quickly, truly amazing, as I still struggle with some simple phrases.  The people here appreciate hearing you speak their language, or at least giving it a try.  I know a couple of phrases and when I use them, they all think I can speak Chuukese.  I am trying and I can always get a short lesson when I am with them. 


  1. It sounds like everything is going well. I love to read your reports.

    I've been tired, not getting much done. Gene's recovering from a large bruise. He is finally getting quite a bit better. lm

  2. what a great experience for the members. love that the whole family goes. do they take a boat? I have no idea how far the Philippines are from you.

  3. ok I looked it up. I'm guessing airplane. Holy cow. your closest temple is not very close.

  4. Manilla - now that's a familiar place! I'll actually be there for a week in June for work. Maybe our paths will cross!

  5. (It says Mike, but it's actually Natalie...) Gotta love joint accounts. :D Always good to hear from you! Love you both. Nat