Thursday, May 23, 2013

District Meetings

We have such an awesome district.  We meet every Wednesday Evening, review the goings on of each set of missionaries in the district, then have a spiritual thought, and then we are taught by our district leader.  In the photograph are Elder McEwan, Elder Bowers (our district leader), Sister Crisp, Elder Walters, Elder Toa (on bended knee),  Elder Fermanis, and Elder Mackie.  Missing are Elder and Sister Eakins who were in Guam and Elder Crisp who took the photo.  This is one amazing group of Elders.  They are strong in the Gospel and spread the Lords Gospel at every opportunity.  They have multiple teaching opportunities!  These young men are the best.  Elder Bowers has given lessons on Accountability and Learning the Language during our meetings.  He does a great job and the Elders in the district are supportive and follow the guidance given. 

After our meetings we sit down and have dinner prepared by Sister Eakiins and/or Sister Crisp.  This week it was Sister Crisp who did the preparations.  We had one of Elder Crisp's favorites, Puerto Rican style Rice and Beans.  This was a first time experience for the Elders, but I can say, nothing was left over save a couple of slices of cucumber.  We also had a "dutch oven" style cobbler made of tropical fruits and yellow cake mix.   After cleaning up, the Elders posed for the picture and then went right to work planning and preparing for upcoming teaching assignments and tracting.

These young men are strong in the language and grow stronger everyday.  Elders McEwan, Bowers, and Walters are trainers and their companions fit right into the work methods of the mission.  We opened a new area this week and there has been success already.  These missionaries are just "AWESOME", and we love them. 

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  1. So thankful for your service to the Chuukese people, but also to our dear Elders. Thank you so much for the recent photos of Elder McEwan. We agree . . . they are AWESOME!

    The McEwan Family