Thursday, May 16, 2013

D & C 31: 3 ...."for now is the hour of your mission"...

This is one of my favorite scriptures and it relates to each missionary, each day.  It actually applies to every member of the church, as we are all called to "open our mouths" and preach the Gospel.  This is one of our outer islands and we made a visit to it yesterday.  We had such a good experience on Uman and Tonoas.  We taught English to a few young men on Uman, which turned into about 15 people.  Then we helped with the Institute lesson and the activity afterwards.  Then we hopped the boat to Tonoas.  While hopping on board, Elder Crisp missed and slipped falling into the boat.  Yes, it hurt, but he would not admit it.  In the process we lost our umbrella.  It was in a shallow area, but there is a rule that when a funeral has taken place in the recent days, that if there is a Palm Branch on a post in the water, that you cannot touch the water.  They watch closely, because if you to go into the water, the family with the lost relative can claim your boat.  So, the umbrella is now in the briny deep (but not really that far down).
At Tonoas we were part of the Institute Lesson about parables and the lost sheep.  It was well attended.  It is amazing, that as soon as you get to the island, the people run and tell everyone, then we wait for all to arrive to begin the meetings.  By the end of any meeting there are at least double the number than what we started with.  Our missionaries are just awesome.  They are so blessed and the prayers of everyone are felt greatly here!!
On the way home, there was a downpour and everyone on the boat basically got soaked.  There is a cover on the "big" boat, but the rain blew right on in and yes, we got wet.  By the time we landed in Mwan the rain was coming down hard and we had to get off the boat and get even wetter (if you can imagine that).   These are just some of the highlights of our island adventures!  The best part is working with the missionaries and being a part of the Lords work here in Chuuk.


  1. Hope Dad is ok. Do you need a new umbrella? What a strange custom. Guess I would rather lose an umbrella than my boat.

  2. I love the blog and your adventures!