Friday, May 10, 2013

Called to Serve

These are the newest Elders to arrive in Chuuk!  They are Elders Mackie, Elder Toa, Elder Vanisi, and Elder Lavites.  Elder Lavises has been here and has now returned.  Elder Mackie will be in Mechitiw, Elder Toa in Sapuk and Elders Vanisi and Lavetas will be on the island of Paata.  We are still awaiting the arrival of an Elder from New Zealand who is awaiting his visa.  We expect him here by Wednesday.

Now, I offer a plea to all senior couples who even have just an inkling of serving.  Right now we have two couples on Chuuk, but one goes home on the 8th of July and there is little promise of another couple coming our way.  We need senior couples to come out and support these young men.  There is no greater joy than to be working and serving with these young men.  You will be blessed!  Talk to your Bishop and make plans to come join the ranks!  We are all Called to Serve!!!

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