Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Week at the MTC, Provo Utah

Here we are entering the MTC on Day one!  Note the Missionary badges. (We are official).  When we first arrived we found out that we couldn't stay at the MTC proper, due to a great influx of missionaries, both young and "old", so they a had to put us up at the Marriott Hotel in Provo.  It is not convenient, but the accommodations are a bit nicer than the typical MTC room, so, we'll stay!  It has been cold this week and we packed for the tropics.  It snowed, but the pictures we took you couldn't see the flakes so we didn't post them.
We took this photo by the "famous" map wall in the main hall of the MTC.  We are pointing at the Island State of Chuuk, where we will be serving.  The spirit at the MTC is marvelous.  Being around all of the young missionaries and the seniors as well is just awesome.  During the week we learned how to teach from Preach My Gospel.  We had to practice on some "investigators", and learned to teach by the spirit, to the needs of the individual and not just teach a "lesson".  We worked all week on presentation and how to ask for commitments.  You really have to love the people and see them for what they can be, just as our Father in Heaven does.  We had four couples in our 'District" and I was made the District Leader.  We had a great time and I could tell that each of our callings was inspired of the Lord and we were all headed to places that needed our specific talents.  The Lord has prepared the people for us and now he prepares us for the people.  I actually ran into some missionaries from Chuuk and got to know them a bit.  They are headed to other areas, but were happy to see the missionary going to their island.

Our first devotional was Tuesday night and we were blessed to hear from Richard G. Scott of the the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  He spoke of our callings and the importance of each missionary.  He felt inspired to give us all and Apostolic Blessing for the work we will be doing.  What a tremendous experience this has been.  Bearing testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ just flows.  I know this is where I am supposed to be at this time in my life. 
Saturday was our P (preparation) Day.  We actually had a bit of down time, but the afternoon was dedicated to a Temple Session and some Sealings as well.  This photo is at the Provo Temple.

Another great thing about the MTC is the food.  It is good and there is plenty of it!  Yes, they even have donuts for breakfast, so I am in heaven!!!  Everything and everyone has been so wonderful.  I love the Savior and am thankful for this opportunity.  Next week, Thursday the 25th, we fly out to the islands.   We fly to Portland, then to Tokyo, then to Guam.  When we get to Guam, we will be sent out our island.
We can't wait!!  We'll update things next week from the islands. 


  1. I'm glad to see you have a blog to record all your adventures, and for the rest of us to see. I wonder how much internet access you'll have there.

  2. Yea, the couple that just went home this past week said it was nice to be on good internet again, so I guess it is slow dial-up! Love you!

  3. Elder and Sister Crisp,

    We are sooo excited to "Welcome you to the Island of Chuuk) even though we are in Salem, Utah, USA! Our Elder Sean McEwan arrived in the mission the end of January 2013. He is serving in Weno and absolutely loves the people and the island. We are very grateful to find you have a blog and look forward to following the mission and missionaries. Thank you for serving these Elders and the people of Chuuk.

    We love you already!
    Brad & Neely McEwan Family